Dental InsuranceThe end of year is usually packed with family, school and work obligations, but you should always take the time to be concerned about your dental health – especially if you have dental insurance. Have you used all of the benefits that your plan offers? If not, and your carrier runs on the calendar year, then read on to learn about the importance of dental insurance maximization.


Dental Insurance: Getting Your Money’s Worth

Dental benefits reset once your insurance is renewed for the new year. If you don’t utilize them, you could be wasting money that would be better spent on keeping your smile in shape! Reasons to use insurance now include:

  • Annual Maximums: Dental plans tend to have a maximum coverage amount. If you need a filling, a crown, root canal therapy or another type of treatment, it’s more cost-effective to use the funds available to you now; waiting until January may use up most of the new year’s coverage, and that could be an issue if you need follow-up work.
  • Deductibles: How close are you to your deductible? If you have already met it, you can cut down on costs by seeing your dentist before it resets.
  • Plan Changes: Health care plans tend to vary from year to year; the benefits you receive this year might not be the same as the ones you get next year. Don’t let critical benefits go to waste, or you might end up losing them entirely!
  • Long-Term Dental Health: Using dental insurance means receiving the care needed to prevent cavities and gum disease from forming or getting worse. Ignoring oral health issues can eventually lead to additional, more costly treatments.

How to Maximize Dental Insurance

So what can you use your dental insurance for? Many dental plans can offer full coverage for preventive care – this usually means scheduling two dental checkups and cleanings each year and often includes at least one X-ray. You should definitely take advantage of these services even if you don’t need to use your insurance for anything else. That way, the premiums you’ve already paid for won’t go to waste, and your smile will be healthier overall.

In the event that you do need additional dental work, it’s generally better to schedule the appointment before the year ends. This is especially true if the treatment must be performed in stages. (For example, root canal therapy typically involves more than one visit.) You can use this year’s benefits to pay for the fist visit, and that will leave you with more benefits to utilize once your plan is reset.

If you haven’t met your annual maximum and still haven’t seen your dentist at least twice this year, time is running out. Do your mouth and your wallet a favor and make an appointment today!

About Exceptional Smiles

At Exceptional Smiles, a general dentist, a cosmetic dentist and an orthodontist all combine their unique expertise to offer a wide menu of services that isn’t normally seen at a single practice. We are in-network with many different dental plans, including Aetna, Guardian, Delta Dental, Metlife, United Healthcare, United Concordia and Cigna; we’re happy to help submit the necessary paperwork to file your claim. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or call (719) 548-9393.

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